Tuesday, January 27, 2009

January meeting at the beautiful hacienda of Julie Ogan

San Antonio members ushered in a new year of Texas Wax with our January meeting at the beautiful hacienda of Julie Ogan. We all want to come play in her fabulous studio! We shared personal goals for the year in order to be able to encourage each other. Then we dreamed BIG in setting some group goals for the year.
A highlight in 2009 for all of Texas Wax will be the rotating encaustic show, Degrees, which will open May 9, 2009, at M2 Gallery, 325 W. 19th St., Houston, and will continue through May 31 before touring Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio, the other three cities in Texas Wax so far. The show is open to all members of Texas Wax. Bring as many pieces as you would like to have considered for the show to our March meeting, and together we will critique them and select each person's best work to display. To view the Prospectus for Degrees, go to degrees_prospectus.doc. Please note that all work must be framed.
Frankeen Price told us about an exciting opportunity to display our work in a large medical space in San Antonio. Stay tuned for further developments!
As a way to advertise our group and showcase our work, we considered blurb books, high-quality self-published books. Debbie Houston will look into our publishing one.
Buzzing right along, we are constantly looking for ways to help and support our little friends, the bees, without whom we would not be able to work! Julie Ogan will serve as our liaison to the bee world.
Michelle Belto gave us our panels for the first phase of our Round Robin paintings. We will each lay a background in encaustic and then pass the panel along. All together, three artists will work on each panel. We will then critique them and decide how to showcase our collective creativity.
February's meeting is slated for Tuesday, Feb. 17 at Inn on the Riverwalk. Johanna, Happy Birthday! We missed you!
San Antonio Wax is the hot new place to be in art, so make a beeline for our next meeting so you won't bee left beehind!

Until then, wax Prolific!