Wednesday, March 25, 2009

March meeting at The Inn on the Riverwalk

Texas Wax is gaining momentum like the winds whipping up a spring storm. We all felt the excitement building at our March meeting as we discussed details of the "Degrees" member show to debut May 9 at M2 Gallery in Houston. Catering for the reception that evening will be expertly provided by Inelle's Lemon Cakes. Texas Wax members are all invited to Sunday brunch the next day to continue the celebration! If you plan to attend both events, be sure to make your room reservations soon. Bed and Breakfasts in the area are already booked for that weekend. We placed orders for postcards to send as invitations to the show, which will be up through the end of May before traveling to Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio. The postcard will also be digitized for e-mailing. Michelle will let us know the entry fee, which we will bring to the April meeting along with the completed Prospectus and our painiting prepared for hanging, in a box. You may gain a little extra time by meeting up with Frankeen before she delivers the paintings to Houston.
Brochures of Texas Wax are being made up and will be availale at the show. You may bring cards announcing any other show or exhibit as well as any related service, such as medium or panels for sale, and they will also be displayed.
In other business, Michelle related that her encaustic classes at StampAntonio Arts on Military Highway have been a rousing success. She offers two a month, one introductory class and one offering more advanced techniques. Visit her website for details and plan ahead to be sure to reserve a spot!
We are all encouraged to keep investigating venues to exhibit our Texas Wax/San Antonio display of the round robin panels. There was much fun and merriment in the exchange of panels Saturday. We are enjoying the challenge of adding our vision and techniques while preserving others'. The completed paintings with cleaned edges painted black are due in April.
Of course the most inspirational part of the meeting was the work each member brought as we encouraged one another and helped each other select the piece to go in the Degrees show. It is wonderful to see the range and variety in the work displayed and the progression of each member's knowledge and skill. Remember that if you produce something meanwhile that you like better than what the group selected, you are free to submit it.
In the technical corner, New Englad Wax has six hour-long videos that Adrian found very informative. Encaustico also has Youtube videos worth checking out.
It was great to have such a well-attended meeting. Welcome back to those of you we haven't seen in a while! Bee sure to make the next meeting, 10:30 Tuesday, April 21, at the home and studio of Adrian Highsmith. Contact Adrian for directions.

Until then, wax prolific!

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